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America's Choice Contractors offer total home renovations of any kind in the McAdenville, NC area, including Central A/C Install services. America's Choice Contractors has been in business 25 years and provides total customer satisfaction when it comes to Central A/C Install services. America's Choice Contractors crew members have been with us for 12-25 years, work in the McAdenville, NC area and are clean-cut and respectful. Jobsite cleanup is performed before leaving every day. Call America's Choice Contractors today for an Central A/C Install in-home estimate at 704-777-5747!
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America's Choice Contractors covers the McAdenville, NC area and specialize in Central A/C Install services. We are members of the BBB (A+ rating) and Angies List. Every McAdenville, NC home-like every person-is unique and deserves individual attention with your Central A/C Install project. America's Choice Contractors approach to home improvement is to send a design consultant to your home. In the McAdenville, NC area, call America's Choice Contractors today for an Central A/C Install in-home estimate at 704-777-5747!
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To fix, repair, or replace an air conditioning system (not plugged into an outlet) that uses ducts to move cooled and/or dehumidified air to more than one room. Central air conditioning works like a regular ac unit, but it has a few additional benefits. Since the central A/C unit is located outside the home it operates with a lower level of noise compared to a free standing A/C device.  Also, the room air is drawn in from different parts of the building through return-air ducts which work hand in hand with a filter system that removes airborne particles like dust and lint - this filtered clean air is routed back into the various rooms.

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